Studio Isolabella was founded by Lodovico Isolabella at the beginning of the 1960’s and operates exclusively in the field of criminal law, with particular focus on corporate criminal law.

Focus on the national and international corporate world started with the appointment of the founder on some of the earliest and notorious Corporate, Financial, Tax, Bankruptcy and Environmental Criminal Law cases occurring in Italy. Specific competency in this field of Criminal Law was further reinforced over the course of the years, and is now supported by professionals who trained and developed their career within the Firm and have the required expertise in managing the various criminal issues underlying the business world.

Not only in the typical fields of Corporate, Financial, Bankruptcy and “231” Liability law in general, but also further multifaceted manifestations of criminal liability for companies operating in different sectors (Banks, Funds, Industrial Companies, Hospitals, Public Bodies): for malicious or negligent crimes; for dynamics connected with the organization, with compliance or internal investigations; for the management of complex cross-border transactions.

Corporate Criminal Law is not the only field in which the Firm operates: defence can be expertly provided in all fields of Criminal Law, whatever the reason for which a person is called to face such a complex and dramatic situation.

The skills and characteristics of the Firm therefore originate from a long and qualified experience gained on the field, and are manifested at the preventive, consultancy and investigation stages as much as in Court.

The most relevant aspect of this experience however, is the fact it has been shaped on the basis of the values infused on a daily basis by the Founder, which could be summarized in a statement that Lodovico Isolabella never ceases to make: “The Client is our flag”. This stands to represent the independence of the professional consultant and their loyalty to the client, against any form of conflict and compromise.