October 27, 2020
procura europea
Avv.ti Luigi Isolabella e Nicola Pietrantoni (Euro Latam Lex, International Journal for Lawyers, luglio 2020) Through Council Regulation n. 1939/2017 (EU) European lawmakers established the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), a new EU body with seat in Luxembourg. The EPPO will become operational at the end of 2020 with the aim of fighting specific serious transnational offences...
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Avv. Nicola Pietrantoni (International Journal for Lawyers n. 7/2019, Euro-Latam-Lex) Notoriously, after the June 2016 referendum and the victory of the “leavers” with 51.9%, the United Kingdom notified the European Council, pursuant to Article 50 of the TEU, of its intention of withdrawing from the Union, thus opening the delicate phase of negotiations on the...
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Avv.ti Francesco Isolabella e Nicola Pietrantoni (TopLegal Awards 2018 Special Edition, aprile 2019) The international circulation of works of art and culture, as provided and regulated by Law (D. Lgs.) 42/2004, is undoubtedly an issue of significant, current and evolving relevance. As a matter of fact, the Italian Council of Ministers during its session of...
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