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Alberto Sanjust di Teulada


Born in Milan on 1 October 1964, Alberto Sanjust di Teulada graduated from the University of Milan.

He joined Studio Isolabella in 1993, in the notorious “Mani Pulite” (clean hands) period, and was able to gain professional experience handling cases of crimes against the Public Administration, and bankruptcy and tax crimes. In particular, he was involved in trials of top managers of Italian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, accused of corruption and collusive tendering.

He also handled trials in connection with crimes against artistic heritage, involving an important foreign museum, as well as trials for tax crimes, fraudulent bankruptcy and defrauding the State.

He assisted a leading maritime passenger transport company accused, among other, of the crime of shipwreck, danger of shipwreck and multiple manslaughter.

With reference to the same maritime company and other companies, he drafted documents in accident prevention pursuant to Code (TU) 81/08, as well defence for crimes connected with a breach in work safety and environmental safety regulations.

In light of his experience, he now mainly handles crimes in the fields of accident prevention, environmental safety, protection of cultural heritage, construction/urban planning, corporate and navigation.

He is a member of faculty at the Il Sole 24 Ore Business School for subjects connected with crimes against the Public Administration.

Since 2009 he is authorised to practice before the Court of Cassation.