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Ettore De Magistris


Born in Taranto on 13 January 1963, Ettore De Magistris graduated from the University of Milan.

He joined Studio Isolabella in 2000 and has since handled several cases in court and out of court in connection with the medical sector ,as well as charges and indictments in connection with corporate crimes, untruthful financial statements, market rigging, bankruptcy; cases of money-laundering, receiving of stolen goods, unlawful exporting of cultural heritage, tax crimes such as failed disclosure including from the viewpoint of stable organisation, tax fraud, crimes against the Public Administration, libel, negligent and professional crimes, and environmental crime. In the past years he has accrued specific skills in crimes against the family and crimes against the individual, with specific regard to the protection and assistance, in court and out, of so-called weaker subjects who are the victims of crime or are of unsound mind.