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Nicola Pietrantoni


Born in Milan on 19 September 1979, Nicola Pietrantoni graduated from the University of Milan.

He joined Studio Isolabella in 2005 and has since accrued his experience in all of the Firm’s operations, both in court and out of court. In particular, he has gained expertise in the field of libel with the media (press, internet, radio and tv), assisting journalists and directors of national publications; in criminal liability in the medical field; and crimes against property and against the Public Administration.

Also thanks to his track record, he now mainly handles cases of medical liability, crimes against honour or property, criminal issues in connection with the protection of cultural heritage as provided by Law (D.Lgs.) 42/2004 and by the Criminal Code, and administrative liability for entities pursuant to Law (D.Lgs.) 231/2001.

He often teaches at university courses, post-graduate (“Art and Law” at the University of Milan)  and masters courses (“Law and Business” and “Criminology and Economic Crimes” organised by Il Sole 24 Ore) as keynote speaker, and training courses organised by the “Medical Liability” association of the Legal (forensic and insurance) Medicine Institute of the University of Milan, as well as in seminars and working groups on the topics he specialises in.

He regularly contributes to the weekly Italia Oggi Sette and is columnist for several newspapers, including foreign ones.

He contributed to the drafting of the Handbook Kartell Compliance Prävention – Investigation – Corporate Defense – Remediation (Rübenstahl/Hahn/Voet van Vormizeele), published by C.F. Müller (2020), dedicated to antitrust law developments in several European and non-European countries.

He is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and the International Association of Criminal Law (AIDP).